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La Conquerante, Rouen, France Sun 18 Sept 2017

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La Conquerante, Rouen, France Sun 18 Sept 2017

Postby Douglas » Wed Mar 22 2017 10:44

Thought I'd give you all a heads up for this sportive in France at the end of the season.

For the last two years I have gone to La Conquerante sportive in France, which I have done solo. It's usually an 85 mile rolling parcours, a fairly tough ride for me at speed, but the climbs are no more than a couple of minutes effort, so a lot of fun, and nothing too taxing. There are normally around 350 riders, and despite the announcements at the start of please leave in small groups and don't form a peloton, there is a small peloton with outriders but you can leave before or after, and if you get dropped (I normally last 30 - 40 miles) the course is marked well and there is not much traffic on a Sunday and always plenty of grupettos, or lone riders to tag onto. The french are much better at working together in small groups in sportives without having to be organized. The peloton normally seems to start about a hundred strong and dwindles.

I like to do the whole trip by bike, so my plan, always open to change, will go roughly like this:

Saturday 17th September

0645 Leave Hurst, cycle 20 miles to Newhaven

Ferry (£35 return) Newhaven - Dieppe
dep 09:00
arr 14:00

cycle 40 miles to Rouen and sign on for sportive
dinner and hotel in Rouen (yu can get a single room for around 40 quid but if a few of us go Rich thinks he knows some good air BNB options...we could large with something more like this for 20 quid each ... s=Vj8LxZQw

Sunday 18th September

0800 start sportive and finish around lunchtime

lunch in Rouen.

Chill out afternoon, it's a pretty mellow place (or some people will head back to catch ferries / or trains)

Monday 19th September

0730 cycle 40 miles back to Dieppe

ferry Dieppe - Newhaven
dep 12:30
arr 13:30

cycle 20 miles back to Hurst, via a nice pub lunch in Lewes!

There are other options of course, which include taking a train back to Dieppe on the Sunday night, getting an Air BNB for the evening in Dieppe (i did this last year and it was 30 quid)and getting the ferry dep 01:00 arr 06:00 hrs) which means you get in in time for work on Monday, but a bit less cycling and chillaxiing. I've done this the last two years, but this year I want to cycle there, cycle back and enjoy.....

If you drive you can actually catch a ferry Dieppe - Newhaven on Sunday dep 18:00 arr 21:00 but the only train to get you to this ferry leaves Rouen at 1pm so it's pretty tight. You could always cycle to this ferry, but you'd have little time for lunch, and I like a long slow lunch! I like to while away a couple of hours in the main square (where they burnt Jeanne d'Arc sadly) dining at Les Maraichers watching the world go by, but they close at 3pm so don't dawdle on the parcours! ... UQpx8IfjAK

No need to commit to anything until September but thought I'd give you a heads up. It doesn't need a whole lot of organising, and by all means off road with your own plans. I'd love to have some of you there with me, and I know the organisers would be super chuffed to see some other Brits there. Of course, feel free to invite non SRVC mates of any standard to come along.

Whatever happens, I know it will be a good trip.

Happy to answer most questions....

Vive la France, et la difference!
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Re: La Conquerante, Rouen, France Sun 18 Sept 2017

Postby Richard » Thu Mar 23 2017 08:16

In the calendar and Monday booked. Health permitting I'll ride too.
I'll check out a hotel I know and like in central Rouen and post here, and check larger rental options too, although that will be numbers dependant

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Postby MikeP » Thu Mar 23 2017 12:33

I'm in. Sounds perfect. Monday booked.
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Postby MikeP » Thu Mar 23 2017 12:37

Sunday is the 17th
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Postby kingy » Tue Apr 25 2017 14:41

im in for the whole guided doug experience.
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